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Steye Hallema

Son of a world champion magician in the seventies, Steye is a composer, director as inventor. He seems to creatively trick with all sorts of media and has made various innovative music videos with his band Steye & the Bizonkid. Together with his laboratory WildVreemd (Wild[framed]), he pushes the boundaries of a media-experience. The main focus of WildVreemd is creating Virtual Reality experiences and their own concept The Smartphone Orchestra.

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Eric Magnée

Eric Magnée is a musician, sound artist and composer. During his study at the HKU-KMT (Music and Technology) he discovered new ways of expressing his artistic output and began to explore the art of creating sound. Since then Eric composes for theatre and dance, performs with live electronics, builds his own instruments and writes his own software to accomplish all this.

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Hidde de Jong

After studying music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Hidde lost himself in the world of computers. Now, not pursuing a career as performing musician anymore, Hidde enjoys working on technical projects with a root in music the most. Besides his work at Smartphone Orchestra, Hidde also works on audiovisual tools at Showsync and works in the Max for Live team at Cycling ’74 and Ableton.