Coming soon ! Rhinoceros: ready at the end of 2018.
The smartphone Orchestra is working on a new show of approx. 50 minutes. An absurdist, serious and funny interactive theatre performance with the audience in the leading role. Every audience member will become part of a live digital platform created by the smartphone Orchestra. Led by their own smartphones they will experience the hidden algorithmic rituals which are created for us by big tech companies. They will be measured and judged on the data trail they leave behind inconsiderately. Just as we all are on the real digital platforms. Eventually they will meet their digital selves and their fellow audience members in an unexpected way.
Rhinoceros Utilises the smartphone orchestra’s full potential for audience interaction. The smartphone will guide the audience, let them interact with the storyline and captivate them with the smartphone orchestra’s renowned magical sound fields. Rhinoceros is a serious game for theatre that tells about an urgent topic in a fun way !