The Social
Sorting Experiment

Did you know that 70 likes are enough to know more about how you behave than your friends do? That 70 Likes are enough to know your sexual orientation? And 300 likes to know you better than your own partner does?!

With every action you do on social media, you leave a digital data trail behind. When this digital trail is combined with psychological insights, a very accurate digital caricature is created. Recent events show this is not only used to make your online experience more personalised, but also used against your own interest. Cambridge Analytica, for example, was able to manipulate political opinions with highly targeted precision.

So what can you do? Quit all your online activity? Or what if you would get to know yourself so well, that you can no longer be manipulated…

The latter, friend and follower, is the service that The Social Sorting Experiment provides.
You will be measured and judged on the data trail you leave behind during the show. Just as you would on the real platforms.

Experience how your data is used in unexpected ways in this absurdist, serious and fun interactive performance where you and your smartphone become the main star of the show.

You will experience the mysterious algorithmic rituals under the hood of social media and at the same time might make a couple of good old analog friends.