The Social
Sorting Experiment

“Experience how your data is used in unexpected ways in this absurdist, serious and fun interactive performance where you and your smartphone become the main star of the show.”

Digital data is a powerful entity and it’s growing bigger and bigger with every click, like and swipe you make. With every online action, you leave a trail behind, which in combination with psychological insights, creates an extremely accurate digital caricature. A mere 70 likes are enough to know more about how you behave than your friends do! And only 300 likes are enough to know you better than your own partner does!

This can all sound very intimidating but this is where The Social Sorting Experiment comes in. The Social Sorting Experiment uses the digital trail you leave during the experience to help you get to know yourself so well that you can no longer be manipulated.

In this absurd experience you will find yourself on the digital “Grid of Life” where you will meet, observe and rate your fellow participants. You will discover the mysterious algorithmic rituals under the hood of social media as your data is collected and revealed in various different ways. How much has your behaviour on social media transferred into your “real life” encounters? It’s time to find out. Converse, judge and be judged, build your network and who knows, you might be leaving with your new best friend forever.