The Smartphone Orchestra is a tool to create group experiences using the audience their own Smartphones. Think magical musical sound fields, mass choreographies and unprecedented interactive audience participation.

Book one of the experiences, ask for tailor made productions or hire specific knowledge from this award-winning team of creatives, developers and sound engineers.

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The Social Sorting Experiment – Now Covid proof!

Experience how your data is used in unexpected ways in this absurdist, serious and fun interactive performance where you and your smartphone become the main star of the show.

The Social Sorting ZOOM Experiment

After some tests we can proudly say that the Social Sorting Experiment works on Zoom! Using the Smartphone Orchestra system alongside the zoom meeti ng allows unprecedented audience interaction and engagement.

W/O/R/K – Now Covid proof!

W/O/R/K is an extraordinary collective experience that parodies how technology is making us work together. Can we still do anything without? Or would we be completely lost? Charge your phone beforehand, and become a cog in a beautiful machine.

Music For Smartphones – Now Covid proof!

Music for Smartphones is the first piece we created and which we premiered at LowLands 2016.

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

The Smartphone Orchestra and composer Dirk Brossé were commissioned by the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra to compose three new works for Symphony Orchestra and Smartphone Orchestra together. They premiered with great success at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Antwerp.

National Youth Remembrance

All the deceased of World War II are yearly honoured with 2 minutes silence on the 4th of May, 20h. The Smartphone Orchestra created a new piece to give voice to the Jewish children, murdered in the war. A haunting but beautiful composition acting as a prelude to the 2 minutes silence.
Tinmendo is an interactive music app for Android and iOS that allows the audience to actively participate in Tin Men and the Telephone’s live performances. Smartphone Orchestra develops this app for Tin Men and the Telephone.

Custom experiences and shows

Sheffield Doc/Fest Sheffield - United Kingdom - 09.06.2019

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Bucheon - South Korea - 22.06.2019

SXSW Austin - USA - 09.03.2019

Flipside Festival Singapore - 24.05.2019

KPN Melkweg - Amsterdam - 22.06.2020