Use your own phone to be part of innovative group interactions and magical collective moments. Our experiences are deeply engaging, with energizing play and profound insights.

How does it work?
At our live events, simply log in through your browser of choice (no app download necessary!) and become part of the shared experience.

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The Social Sorting Experiment

Available to book now!
The Social Sorting Experiment is an ice-breaking, speed-dating like experience led by the audiences smartphones, in which we address the urgent topic of digital manipulation in a fun and innovative way. The show is available in either a physical or virtual space.


Available to book now!
W/O/R/K is the ideal performance to bring an extra layer of fun to your conference or event. It is an extraordinary collective experience that depicts how technology can make us work together in an amusing and interactive way.

Music For Smartphones

Available to book now!
Music for Smartphones has proved itself to be a successful, adaptable piece that brings a short moment of creativity to various events and festivals. The show can be customised if you wish, to perfectly adapt the show to your event.

Smartphones for Orchestras

The Smartphone Orchestra and composer Dirk Brossé were commissioned by the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra to compose three new works each inspired by a Spanish painting. The three pieces are available to book individually, or as a set, for an orchestra.

National Youth Remembrance

Each year in The Netherlands on 4th May, we remember and honour the deceased of World War II. The Smartphone Orchestra created a piece to give a voice to the Jewish children who lost their lives during the war. This haunting but beautiful composition acts as a prelude to the two-minute silence at 20:00.

Tin Men and the Telephone

The Smartphone Orchestra developed the app, Tinmendo, for Tin Men and the Telephone allowing the audience to actively participate in their shows.