The Smartphone Orchestra

The Smartphone Orchestra is an orchestra in which anywhere from ten to thousands of smartphones are synchronised to potentially form the biggest orchestra in the world. An orchestra in which every participant’s smartphone plays a unique part. An orchestra that can perform anywhere in the world.

The Smartphone Orchestra enables people to experience being together in a completely new way: imagine shimmering musical sound fields in parks on hot summer nights, mass choreographies at festivals, unprecedented audience participation in theatre shows and spontaneous smart mobs at parties or demonstrations. The technology opens up numerous possibilities to tell stories or share experiences with mass audiences.

The technology

The Smartphone Orchestra team created a system that can synchronise unlimited numbers of smartphones and at the same time deliver unique audiovisual parts to each smartphone. There’s no need to download an app as the technology is totally web-based. Anyone with a 3G connection can easily join by following the link we provide. The amount of data transmitted is minimal so data bundles are spared and servers will continue to function.

Because writing music or visuals for the system requires a novel way of thinking, the Smartphone Orchestra team developed their own plugins and tools to compose for the system with Ableton Live.

The Smartphone Orchestra offers a new canvas with numerous possibilities for creators, venues and event organizers. The team is on an unceasing quest to expand its potential. If you have a concrete idea for an event, venue or collaboration we'd love to hear from you!

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The Smartphone Orchestra has been made possible by financial support by the Creative Industries Fund NL, ‘Toekomstmuziek!’ (a program by Fonds 21), and the Performing Arts Fund NL.