The Smartphone Orchestra is an orchestra created by the smartphones from the audience. Imagine shimmering musical sound fields in concert halls, mass choreographies at festivals, unprecedented audience participation in theatre shows and spontaneous flash mobs at parties or demonstrations. The Smartphone Orchestra opens up numerous possibilities to share experiences with mass audiences.
Making the audience the star of the show runs like a red thread through the veins of the award winning team of creatives, developers and sound engineers behind the Smartphone Orchestra.

About Steye Hallema - Creative Director
Steye Hallema is a seasoned digital storyteller/director. Having a background in computer animation, music, theatre and tech gives him the ability to combine the many different disciplines that creating a compelling Smartphone Orchestra Piece needs. Steye has proven to bring imaginative ideas to life within the highest standards of quality. Both in pushy commercial environments as in a demanding artistic contexts. Steye always goes beyond the gimmick of a technology and has shown to propel storytelling in every piece he made.
Steye worked as a creative at the critically acclaimed multimedia theatre group PIPS:lab and was creative lead at the Medialab from Dutch broadcaster the VPRO. He created the world’s first 360º Music video in 2009. His masterpiece VR music video What do we care4 was nominated for a UK music award in 2015 and is a worldwide hit amongst virtual reality early adopters. His latest VR collaboration Ashes to Ashes won gold at the dutch VR Awards. Weltatum -a Virtual Reality Opera game- for which Steye directed the VR experience won two Dutch Game Awards. Steye works as creative director for his own company WildVreemd and works as freelance director for Jaunt VR.